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April 24, 2017
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October 2, 2017

The Six Pillars to an Athletes’ Success

'Leave no stone un-turned in the Pursuit for Self Improvements'

The Six pillars to achieving Success for an Athlete. Without focus on all of them in relation to the given sport, the athlete could be falling short.


In sports, regardless of what your passion is, as an athlete if you want to get better there are Six main areas you will want to cover.



Strength – How strong are you really?


Body Composition – Is your body as useful and productive as it could be? Muscle moves and fat doesn’t flex after all.


Mobility – Can you get into the positions you need to be in on the field, in the weights room or on the platform effectively with ease and pain free?


Recovery – Is your nutrition, sleep, foam rolling and stretches up to scratch?


Sports specific skill and technique – Do you simply need to practice more to create better patterns?


Work Capacity – Are you ‘Fit’ to complete your workouts without gassing out and how much can you actually handle in a session? Is someone able to do more?


Having worked with a number of different athletes such as Rugby players, Runners, cyclists, Power lifters, Strongmen, Cross-fitters and Fields sport Athletes such as soccer and GAA players it is clear to see that all these components help build up the better athlete to produce the greater performance.


Depending on the sport, more focus will be on certain areas but none can be left overlooked.


If you are a power lifter with great overall strength, mobility and skill work to match your sports needs such as the squat depth and the bench arch but you can’t walk 10 minutes without being gassed, then you are defiantly missing a trick with your recovery and your work capacity – the ability to simply do more in your workouts.


Likewise if you are a cross-fitter with a great physic, great mobility, the skills to perform all the overhead work and Olympic lifts but haven’t focused on getting stronger over the past year, then you simply won’t be able to hold your own against the beasts that deadlift 400lbs (that’s just the girls by the way.)


The young up and coming football star could have loads of raw talent, skill, brute strength and a massive engine to cope with loads of hard work and youth on his side, but if he lives on coco pops and take-outs meals then his nutrition and recovery protocol really does need some major adjustments.



Brandon Lily said it best, the super human would have the mobility of a weightlifter, eat like a bodybuilder, train like a strongman and have the mental approach of a power-lifter. Get your mobility in check, stay lean and recovered with great nutrition, train a high level with hard work and approach it with an ‘ALL OUT’ ‘ONE TIME’ mentality.



While unfortunately we are all simply human, we can still apply many of these principles from other disciplines in order to leave no stone un-turned in the pursuit to being better in our areas of sport.


Think you have covered it all? Take a closer look at the six pillar of success and then answer that question again.


What held you back in the past, will you allow it to hold you back next season?


Next competition?


Next year ?




Get stronger, leaner, better, healthier or simply better educated and break through the barriers as you strive for improvements. 


Yours in strength and Fitness
Sam Mitchell
Passion with practice

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