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September 26, 2017
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The Birth of Dungeon Barbell

The Birth of Dungeon Barbell


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It doesn’t matter what equipment, facility or space you have. What the package deal bonus gets you. It is always the people! The hype, the banter, the band of lifters male and female all pushing each other to improve instead of feeding their own self praise and egos.

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The crew, the lifters, the coach, the environment that this generates and creates cannot be bought, shipped to you next day or pushed through marketing schemes and salesmen. This is the case with many great clubs and private training gyms across the whole of Ireland and of course the world.


The most famous and well known athletes all understand the importance of training environments from MMA, strongman,the all blacks, weightlifting clubs and of course powerlifting clubs.

There is a reason Conor Mcgregor still trains in his original gym , its not the equipment but the atmosphere and people surrounding him.

Look at Westside Barbell for example, home to the savages of the strength and powerlifting scene not because of the great location and brand new facility. But because of the lifters all helping each other push themselves to the unknown limits under the watchful eye of one of the most passionate coaches of all time, Louie Simmons.

For me, I am building a place where people can come and train, really train, in the simple pursuit of being better than before. Stronger and better versions of themselves through coaching and passion. Space to push your limits and promote growth both inside and outside the weights room. Mastering the barbell, the free weights and the essential exercises that should be in EVERY workout plan. Preparing myself and other lifters to test their limits in the Squat, Bench and Deadlift on the platform.

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I don’t care what your numbers are, awards, family background or past. If you leave the ego at the door, help each other and are willing to learn and take advice on board from everyone not just a head coach then this will work.









Myself as a personal trainer and coach would be nothing without my clients, online fat loss and coaching groups and lifters, period. For this I am truly grateful and it is hopefully clear to see that my passion fills the air when you walk in to train. It is YOU that have made this place what it is, not just a place where I would rehab my knee in the evenings after work! 

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With the success of the SM Strength crew at the recent NIPF competition I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these people and this place. Rock up, chalk up and lift! That’s what the Dungeon Barbell is about! This is only the beginning of this chapter, 

Want in on the action? Help with your programming, technique or strength training in regards to your sport? Or you are simply looking to jump into one of the lifting group sessions?

I’m all ears! Ready when you are!


Thanks, Sam – One of the Team NI Coaches for the 2017 Commonwealth Team, GBPF Level one coach and competitive lifter (first year internationally) for over 4 years.
Sam Mitchell
Passion with practice

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