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April 5, 2017
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April 24, 2017

Recovery Methods – Something you may have missed…

‘Its not what you do it’s what you can recover from’ – Matt Wenning, top strength coach and world record holder.

Recovery is a vital part of a performance athletes success in achieving their end goal, lets face it everyone’s!

So you’ve had your protein, foam rolled and perhaps some deep tissue work if your lucky, drunk your amino’s and had a good nights sleep, but you wake up the next day from training and you’re still sore …. no you haven’t over trained ( well most people likely haven’t ) you just had a tough session …. Be proud.

So… how can you help reduce the pain ?


Mini Workouts and Active Recovery —


Try throwing in some active recovery methods or ‘mini workouts


Typically this workout would be done on an ‘off’ day from training which is less intense and has less volume. For example,a brisk walk, a cycle, swimming or 2-3 low impact movements at very little resistance (bands and body weight) for 15-20 reps in a small circuit.


This allows some fresh blood into those areas when use correctly and not over killed (something similar to a warm up) . This is a method used by many top level athletes and coaches made popular by the father of strength coaching Louie Simmons (for all coaches reading, please read more on this man if you don’t know who he is) and something I recommend using if you can.


Remember its a recovery session so its not the time to pick the biggest dumbbells you can find and start rowing them, be sensible and keep it super easy. The use of these mini workouts is something that I have personally really honed in on in my own training and really do find the benefits of them as well as my clients, a great way to also help bring up any weak links in the Armour without the fear of damaging your current training.


My own mini workout from last night was as follows,

Face-pulls, Tricep Push downs, Banded leg curls.

Each exercise for 20 reps back to back for 3 sets, to help recovery after my bench pressing workout.


So if your aren’t already taking advantage of this, Have a go and let me know how you get on.

Work Hard – Train Smart – Lift Strong

As always hit me an email or private message for any other information on this topic or any other queries you may have.

Sam Mitchell
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