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April 5, 2017
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September 26, 2017

Know where you want to go? Well you better find out where you ARE first.

To reach the End goal of where you want to go, realize where you are right now.

It’s all well and good setting yourself a goal to work towards, a wedding dress, a summer holiday, a competition or simply a new gym pr.


But . . . In order to get to where you want to be, you have to realise where you are right NOW! You have to find your starting point. If you’ve never set foot in a gym before, I don’t recommend jumping into a 6 day a week training plan as you may not be able to fit your schedule around your sessions right away.


Ask yourself about your current situation RIGHT NOW!


An idea of food? Find out what you’re eating, how many calories and protein and start to tweak to suit your goals or gaining or losing weight.


Training, activity level? Are you pretty active or a cushion? If you sit a lot you simply need to look at moving more! If you have a pretty active lifestyle or perhaps a physically demanding job, then you need to make sure you can handle your workouts when you begin.


Commitments, work and family. What time have you REALLY got to play with? Find out what your window of opportunity is and make the effort!


Are you a complete novice to the gym or have you been doing this for a while? Find out your starting point and take it from there, if needs be hire some help! Find out your limiting factors and take it from there. (Play the hand your dealt.)  


Once you find out these factors it then becomes very easy to see where you can make the improvements to get where you want to be,


For example you can then say,


  • Right I need to eat less and focus on evening times when I get most hungry.


  • I need to Join a gym or perhaps make better use of my environment around me, what can I do?


  • 2-3 hours at the moment is all I can commit to training, I better start making workouts count and not just texting my way through sets.


  • I should Move more! I should take stairs, get a fit bit or step app or simply find that dog lead I lost 2 years ago!


  • I need to drink more water, right I’m going to buy a 2 litre bottle of water, keep it in work and make it my mission to drink it all before finishing work.


All of a sudden, you’re on track to reaching what you want.


So set your goals and make sure to figure out where you are right now, so you can work towards where you want to be! Making the best of your current situation.


‘Play the hand one is dealt. (Idiomatic) To use the resources which one actually has available; to operate realistically, within the limits of one’s circumstances.’


As always don’t be afraid to drop me an email or message for any further information. Here’s to being better!

Sam Mitchell
Passion with practice

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