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April 3, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Females – Increasing your overhead press strength

Here's to more and more ladies who lift!

Firstly I think its awesome that more and more females are doing Real workouts, Keep it up ! Nearly every female I train or talks to would like to have a little more upper body strength, usually followed by this is that they struggle pressing over their heads (sound familiar?)

So… here are four of my tips on how I would help improve your pressing power.



1 – Grip! Make sure you aren’t taking too wide a grip and not too narrow to ensure all muscles such as the traps, lats, triceps and all heads of the delts can be used effectively.


2 – Fill your abs ! Stay tight through out the entire lift , especially the sticking point that feels like it lasts forever !


3 – Probably the thing that helped my own pressing the most is – flex your quads and glutes as you press! Squeeze down into the ground as you press, Its a full body movement believe it or not.


4 – Like all the other compound movements , hammer your weak links, if you have small arms (mainly triceps) then you better be adding in loads of accessory work to bring them up with plenty of volume. Don’t be afraid to go into the high rep ranges.



If you thought so, by all means give it a share! It may just help that one person out there struggling this week.
Thanks Sam

Sam Mitchell
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