Client Report

Elliot and Ross came to me 3 months back and had already some training experience but felt their efforts were getting them no where and they were unsure of what food choices to make, leading to poor nutrition and for far from optimal results.

Their goals were to have more muscle, less body fat and become stronger in the gym – having educated them on effective training and nutrition with some set plans in place , these guys have done just that !


‘Well I started with a 60kg squat with far from perfect technique, now I’m up to 130kg and achieved my lifetime goal of a muscle up. This was the biggest thing for me. So chuffed and now I understand far more about the food choices to make in order to help fat loss and increase muscle mass’ -Ross

‘I started going to the gym and didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to be stronger and have muscle but didn’t have the understanding of how? After speaking to Sam he was able to put me on an easy to follow meal plan and structured weekly training – now I love it ! I’m so much stronger now than ever, taking my dead lift personal best from 110kg for 3 reps to 147.5kg and the crack during training is unbeatable’ – Elliot


In the past 3 months these guys have been a pleasure to train and coach with their sessions and their online check ins and they have reaped the benefits of proper nutritional education. Not only have they increased their overall strength and muscle mass, but they have dropped 2 inches each in their waistlines !


These guys just completed another great session, both hitting personal bests in their dead lifts – and to put the icing on the cake Ross hit a life time goal of completing a muscle up ! (three times for camera purposes!)