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Are you currently training? Haven’t got round to it ? Or simply stuck at that brick wall, don’t stop! Learn how to Push through it!


What's your goal?

I'm an experienced coach who specialises in Fat loss, body composition and muscle gain. Furthermore, due to the broad range of experience I have gained through studies and gym life, I can develop an effective personalised plan just for you, no matter your end goal!

  • Fat Loss and body composition
  • Strength and Performance
  • Nutritional Guidance (Percison Nutrition Certified Coach)
  • Building Muscle Mass
  • Specialised requirements, struggling to make it work ?
  • Form Correction – technical improvements in the main movements from the get go !
Need that extra guidance? Then look no further, Id be happy to help

Powerlifting Coaching

Want to get involved in powerlifting?

Want to push yourself beyond your limits ..?

I work with a number of lifters in the mid ulster area.

If you would like to be part of my coaching clients, Get in touch!

What my Client's say

Over my time sam has helped me with my training, my diet and what supplements I should be taking. He’s always there to watch my training videos and offer me tips and advice. With a wealth of knowledge I always trust Sam’s advice and would always go to him before any one else. Definitely one of the best personal trainers about!
Hannah James